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Amalgam Fillings

The decay in the teeth usually happens due to the acidic nature of bacteria. The acids and the toxins eat away at the enamel of the tooth and if not detected on time, they can also affect the gums.

To save the maximum amount of the healthy tooth and roots, the experts at North Island Dental Arts may opt for amalgam fillings. There are other restorative options that can be used to repair the tooth, but treatment will depend on what the dentist recommends.

Amalgam fillings and composite fillings are the two most commonly used restorative options. Amalgam fillings are preferred in the back teeth as they are silver and not aesthetically pleasing for front teeth. The decayed and affected part of the tooth is removed and the leftover healthy part is packed with silver fillings.

The amalgam fillings are not permanent and will need to be replaced after a few years. Nonetheless, they are extremely durable and will give you fully functioning teeth with a healthy smile. The fillings are perfect if you have decayed, worn, broken or cracked teeth.

Amalgam filling details

The best part about amalgam fillings are placed in one appointment. Our expert dentists will numb the tooth and remove as much decay as possible. The cleaned space is thoroughly cleansed and prepared for filling. If the decay is near the root of the tooth, the dentist will place a special medication to ensure no damage happens. Once the filling is placed, it is shaped and polished according to the shape of the tooth.

You might feel teeth sensitivity when the amalgam fillings are first placed. With time it will subside. Our experts will provide you with a set of instructions to care for the new fillings. To learn more about amalgam fillings and how they can help in restoring your smile, call us at: 516-616-4800.

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