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Porcelain Dental Veneers New Hyde Park, Long Island (NY)

Our specialty includes providing highly-effective dental veneering to restore or rectify teeth that have gaps between them, or are crooked, discolored or stained, or chipped. We finely craft veneers from thin…

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Oral Surgery Extractions

We provide highly specialized and mostly painless oral surgery extractions to pull flawed teeth to protect your overall dental health. Our dentists perform oral surgery extractions for a number of…

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Crown and Bridges

We help you restore your smile with dental bridges and crowns. Dental crowns and bridges are quite economical as compared to dental implants and offer numerous advantages, including protection…

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

People often prefer tooth-colored fillings these days over gold or amalgam filling, mainly due to cosmetic reasons. We provide tooth-colored filling in single sitting to help you flaunt a bright…

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Root Canal Treatments New Hyde Park, Long Island (NY)

Teeth having infected or damaged pulps used to be removed by dentists in the past. Nowadays, root canal treatment has given dentists a safe solution to save your tooth and help you maintain your natural smile.

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Oral Sedation

Our certified dentists use advanced oral sedation techniques to create a comfortable and safe dental experience for patients who generally avoid dental treatments due to fear or time restrictions.

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Full Time Hygienist

Walk in for a dental appointment with our certified dental hygienist on any working day to get yourself examined for potential oral problems such as gingivitis. Our full-time dental hygienists…

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We specialize in using dental sealants as an effective approach to help you protect your teeth from decay and stop oral cavities from growing. Plastic coating sealants are placed on the…

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