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Root Canal Treatments New Hyde Park, Long Island (NY)

Root Canal Treatments New Hyde Park NY

A root canal is a treatment designed to repair and save an infected tooth, as an alternative to removing it. Advancements in dental equipment and techniques have made it a quicker, safer and a pain-free procedure. If you are in pain and think you are in need of a root canal New Hyde Park dental experts at North Island dental are here to help!

If You Are In Need Of A Root Canal Treatment In Long Island, Our Dental Experts At NIDA Are Here To Help.

Come to our dental office in New Hyde Park, we are easily accessible and our facility is cutting edge. Due to our immense experience, we are considered leading providers of Root Canal Treatment in Long Island. If you are experiencing pain, and want to get checked to see if you need a root canal Long Island dental experts at North Island Dental Arts will assess your mouth and discuss all of your treatment options with you.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a dental procedure performed when the tooth’s dental pulp gets damaged or its nerve becomes infected. The damaged internal sections are removed and replaced with material to seal the tooth. Usually, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure At North Island Dental Arts

The root canal procedure at North Island Dental Arts is like getting a cavity filled, though it takes more time. It usually takes a series of appointments to complete your root canal treatment, depending on the patient’s situation. Typically, the procedure works this way. During the first appointment, you are given a numbing shot so that you don’t feel any pain. Then our root canal dental expert removes the infected dental pulp tissue from your tooth. At the next appointment, once the tooth is clean with no bacteria and healed properly, the dentist shapes the inside of the tooth, fills the space, seals the tooth and creates a temporary crown for the tooth. When your root canal is over, you’ll likely need to take pain relievers for a few days.
To find out if you need a root canal treatment in New Hyde Park on Long Island NY, call our dental experts at 516-616-4800 and book an appointment now!

Root Canal Treatments Long Island

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Root Canal Treatment

It’s not easy to know if you need a root canal treatment and sometimes no symptoms are present. However, some of the common signs that you might need a root canal to include-

  • Severe tooth ache while chewing
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Swelling in nearby gums
  • Persistent pimples on the gums
  • High sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures

If you notice any of the above root canal symptoms, we encourage you to make an appointment for a dental examination as soon as possible. Through specialized tests and x-rays, the dental experts at North Island Dental Arts can identify and help you relieve your toothache.