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Dental Sealants New Hyde Park, Long Island

We specialize in using dental sealants as an effective approach to help you protect your teeth from decay and stop oral cavities from growing. For anyone that needs to protect their teeth with dental sealants New Hyde Park dental experts at North Island Dental can help. Plastic coating sealants are placed on the surface of your back teeth by our specially trained dentists to safeguard your teeth from decay. Contact us today to learn more about our dental sealants and how they can help to protect your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sealants New Hyde Park

Sealants are use by our dentists on patients who need to protect their teeth from decay, stains, and prevent cavities from forming.

Sealants are quick and easy and offer a pain free way to prevent cavities. Not having cavities is always ideal. Sealants are a less expensive way than fillings to ensure your teeth are healthy and strong.

Getting a sealant is completely pain free. First we clean the tooth and apply the gel on the chewing surface. Then the tooth is rinsed and dried and the sealant is painted on. Sometimes we use a special light to help harden the sealant.