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Full Arch Replacement New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY

What Is Full Arch Replacement?

A full arch replacement is an innovative dental procedure through which the teeth of the entire mouth are replaced. Unlike multiple tooth replacement, the teeth are cemented or screwed in during full arch replacement. This procedure is used to restore the entire upper as well as lower arch of the mouth.

Our team of dental professionals at North Island Dental Arts make sure that whether patients opt for full arch or multiple tooth replacement, the very best service is given to them. This procedure is opted for when you want to replace about 10 to 12 teeth at a time.


When teeth get damaged and/or are missing, they need to be replaced. The best way is to opt for full arch replacement. It is the best permanent solution available. Our expert dentists can replace both the upper and lower arch with fixed bridge and dental implants making your teeth stable and strong. Full arch replacement is also a highly aesthetic solution.

  • It makes it easier to eat and functions extremely naturally
  • It is a stable and solid treatment procedure that will serve the individual for life
  • It prevents any bone loss and preserves the facial appearance

Who Is Eligible For The Procedure?

Before starting with the procedure, the experts at North Island Dental Arts examine the mouth and make sure that you are eligible for the procedure. It is extremely necessary that you don’t suffer from any systemic diseases. The presence of systemic diseases can affect your healing and treatment. Make sure you bring your full medical history with you to the appointment. Along with having a good oral health, you also need to have strong and sufficient surrounding bone. The treatment requires the dental implants to be place at strategic intervals in the upper and lower arches. The implants should have strong bone support. If your tooth loss happened a few years ago, then you might suffer from bone loss.

Full Arch Replacement Long Island


Full arch replacement is quite similar to multiple tooth replacement in terms of planning and success. The process of preparing for the full arch replacement includes the following steps:

  • Initial exam
  • 3D image of your jaw structure
  • Planning for the surgery
  • Creating custom made dental implants for the arch replacement
  • Covering the implants with the required healing caps
  • Proving temporary prosthetics
  • Creating the permanent teeth once the implants have healed.

Once you complete your initial exam with the team, the dentist will make sure that the scans of all your jaw bone, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and any important structures are carefully done. Through the in-depth study of the scans, the dentist will plan the treatment.


Our dentists will prescribe the antibiotics and an antimicrobial mouth rinse for the first week after the surgery. Our experts will provide you with information on how to safeguard the dental implants.

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