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Signs, you should consult with a cosmetic dentistry specialist!

Signs, you should consult with a cosmetic dentistry specialist!
March 8, 2022

Are you not happy with your smile? For example, do your teeth look crooked, yellowish, or misaligned? Have you ever felt embarrassed to smile in public due to the appearance of your teeth? In that case, cosmetic dentistry might be the ideal solution for you! Cosmetic dentistry specialists can help improve your teeth’s appearance and help you achieve pearly whites, and feel confident in smiling freely.

If you are wondering whether you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry, the following are the top signs that may help determine if you need cosmetic dentistry services:

Yellow or discolored teeth

Undoubtedly, it can be embarrassing to smile freely if your teeth have become yellow or discolored over the years. The most common reasons for teeth discolorations are excessively drinking wine, coffee, smoking, or it could be due to aging or plaque. However, if your teeth look yellow, simply regular dental cleaning and teeth whitening procedures may help restore the beautiful appearance of your teeth and make them shine white. Therefore, getting a professional dental cleaning and teeth whitening every 6 months is recommended for best results.

If your teeth are chipped or cracked

Many people have their teeth chipped or cracked due to accidental injuries. It may make them feel self-conscious and under-confident when smiling. In fact, many people put a hand over their mouth when smiling to hide their teeth. However, there is no need to be embarrassed as chipped and cracked teeth can be fixed with the right cosmetic dentistry solutions. There are various cosmetic dental options, such as veneers, dental implants, or crowns, which can help restore your smile. If your teeth are cracked or chipped, it would be best to consult with our experienced dental specialists for a comprehensive dental assessment.

If you have missing teeth

Having a missing tooth may not only make you feel embarrassed to smile but also make it difficult to eat or even talk, depending on its location. If you have a noticeably missing tooth in the front rows of your teeth, you might benefit from getting dental implants and dental crowns. It will not only make your smile look pleasant but also boost your self-confidence while promoting your dental health. Moreover, dental implants can prevent your jawbone from shrinking, which may otherwise affect your jawline’s shape. However, dental implants will strengthen your jawline to look defined.

If you have misaligned teeth

Some people naturally grow misaligned teeth. It could be due to the unusual growth of teeth or overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. It can make one ashamed to smile and socialize. If you feel inferior or shy from smiling due to misaligned teeth, you might be the perfect candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Misaligned teeth can be straightened with braces. However, if you want a more painless and comfortable treatment, Invisalign could be a viable option to achieve a beautiful smile with straight teeth. So, it is recommended to consult with our dental specialist for dental assessment and expert guidance.

If you have a gummy smile

Having excessive gums is one of the most common issues that make many feel embarrassed to smile. However, people who have long gums due to genetic reasons or gum overgrowth can benefit from cosmetic dentistry. Candidates can enjoy an attractive smile with even teeth, a reduced gum line, and gum contouring by advanced laser dental treatment.

If you notice any of the above signs and want to achieve a happy smile with stunning teeth, schedule a dental consultation with our dental experts at North Island Dental Arts (NIDA).

At North Island Dental Arts (NIDA), our cosmetic dentistry experts specialize in treating a range of teeth conditions and refining the imperfections of your teeth with advanced technology cosmetic dental treatments. We design dental treatment plans that will not only improve your smile’s aesthetics but also boost your overall dental health. So, whether your teeth are deteriorating with age, due to dental problems, or accidental injury, we can help you achieve a flawless smile with a wide range of cosmetic dentistry solutions, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, crowns, and more. Schedule a consultation today!