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Why consider LANAP (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure)?

Why consider LANAP (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure)?
May 5, 2022

LANAP is a treatment procedure helpful to remove infected oral tissues, treat loose teeth, and eliminate bacteria and tartar buildup from the gum line. It is becoming a preferred treatment option over conventional surgery for periodontal disease. With this procedure, patients can recover faster and expect more predictable outcomes. A person can consider this procedure to enjoy the following benefits:



Dental professionals have seen many advancements over the last few years, especially in the development of dental lasers. LANAP was created to improve the accuracy of dental treatment and provide a great experience to patients. With the specific wavelength of a dental laser, periodontists can easily eradicate the bacteria in deep pockets without causing any damage to the surrounding gum tissues.

No need for incision-

The dental laser stops the further progression of periodontal disease and helps promote gum regeneration and repair. As a result, there will be no need for incisions and suturing.

Faster recovery time

This procedure is less invasive when compared to other traditional surgery. That means a person undergoing LANAP will feel less discomfort throughout this procedure and less downtime. He can return to his daily routine in a short period. Some people start going to the office the next day.


Clear Invisalign aligners perfectly fit a user’s teeth and are nearly invisible when seen from a distance. It is one of the popular reasons why people prefer this treatment method to straighten their teeth.

Avoids chances to undergo gum grafts

Did you know that new bone regeneration and gum tissue reattachment are essential for proper periodontal disease treatment? And, with regular treatments, periodontists have to perform grafts to replace damaged bone and tissues removed during the dental procedure. This option requires multiple surgeries that enhance the treatment times.

But the LANAP offers accuracy that allows a dentist to remove the least amount of tissue needed to treat periodontal infection and clean the existing bacteria. As a result, it helps avoid the need for gum grafts.

Fewer recurrences of a gum infection-

In addition, the laser energy increases the body’s ability to create new bones and an environment that allows the reattachment of tissues to the new teeth. Therefore, a person opting for this procedure may have negligible chances of recurrences of periodontal disease over time.

Enjoy every food

It is good to avoid eating hard and chewy foods such as nuts, popcorn, or bagels with braces. But, why? Because consumption of these foods may irritate and damage the braces. But this is not the case with clear aligners. People with aligners can remove them before eating. That means they don’t need to avoid any hard or chewy foods. In short, they can consume every food they love to eat.

If that isn’t enough, keep reading to learn about some further advantages of the LANAP procedure-

  • As this procedure does not require gum tissue cutting, there are reduced chances of recession. That means it is easy to preserve the beauty of a smile.
  • The dental laser destroys the inflammatory bacteria without causing any harm to healthy tissues. In addition, it cauterizes the blood vessels surrounding the affected area to help prevent bleeding.
  • If you have loosened teeth due to periodontal disease and cannot save them through conventional treatment options, you can consider LANAP.
  • Any patient suffering from gum disease can go for it. It is even safe for patients with health conditions like diabetes, bleeding problems, hemophilia, etc.
  • Patients will be at the risk of reinfection after gum surgery if the bacteria are not cleaned thoroughly. This dental procedure reduces the risk of reinfection significantly.

Are you looking for a reliable and safe dental treatment to save your smile and restore the health of your gums? If so, you can schedule an appointment with the best dentist and consult him about the LANAP procedure!