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Benefits and the Procedure of Placing Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants for dentures are a simple and affordable solution for the individuals who need teeth replaced. Mini implants are smaller than conventional dental implants. They can be placed with minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, one can actually enjoy their favourite meal on the same day of surgery due to the almost instantaneous recovery time.

This simple procedure needs only a local anaesthetic, with no stitches or months of healing. After reading this blog, you will understand the various terms regarding the mini dental implant. Mini dental implants are different from full dental implants. The difference is in size from 1.8 millimetres to 2.4 millimetres. If you have unsecured dentures you may-

  • Miss out on life’s pleasures.

  • Be frightened to laugh, smile or communicate in public.

  • Miss eating your favourite foods.

Now is the time to improve your quality of life and overall happiness with Mini Dental implants that secure your dentures into your mouth with very minimal pain and recovery time.

What are mini dental implants?

With mini dental implants, the procedure is much less invasive than with regular dental implants, and they provide the stability that is desired just as well. Smaller in size than full-size implants, mini dental implants are injected to maintain and stabilize the lower or upper dentures.

After this quick method, one can continue their normal eating patterns and can smile with confidence again. If the current denture is in good condition, it can be retrofitted to work with mini implants. This procedure is often done through insurance.

How are these mini implants placed?

This type implant is completed instantly and smoothly in a process that includes local anaesthesia, or IV sedation if preferred. Mini dental implants are fixed into the jawbone by using a controlled, minimally invasive surgical technique.

The caps of the implants are projected from the gum tissue and provide a strong, stable support for guarding the dentures. The mini dental implant procedure does not require a long healing time.

Benefits of mini dental implants-

There are a number of benefits of mini dental implants. Some of them are discussed below-

  • Needs no recovery time, in almost all cases.

  • Cost effective with proven, guaranteed results.

  • Repairs missing teeth directly.

  • May be covered by insurance.

  • The method is minimally invasive.

  • It is a simple, gentle, and non-surgical method.

  • Will stabilize existing dentures or partial dentures, or replace a single tooth

  • Can be fixed in an individual visit.

  • Cost less than other procedures.

  • Often no grafting needed.

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