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All about amalgam dental fillings

Over the years, acids of the food and other elements affect the enamel of the tooth. The teeth become extremely sensitive when the enamel wears down. At North Island Dental Arts, the team of our expert dentists carefully work on the plan after reviewing each and every file. We offer numerous kinds of filling to protect the teeth. One filling that our patients regularly ask for is amalgam fillings.

What are dental fillings?
The dental fillings restore the teeth and enamel destroyed by the wear and tear. The fillings bring back the teeth to perform the natural functions and prevent any further damage. Our dentists take in a variety of factors before deciding the right type of filling. The type of filling factors in the extent of repair, area where filling is required and the cost.

What are amalgam dental filling?
The dental amalgam fillings are used to fill in the cavities and decay caused by the tooth decay. It is a mixture of various elements such as liquid mercury and alloy composed with tin, copper, and silver. About the 50 percent of the amalgam filling are composed from elemental mercury. This is a traditional form of dental filling that has been in existence since 1819. These fillings are particularly used for the back teeth. The amalgam fillings are preferred by the patients as they last for more than 10 years.

Features of amalgam dental fillings
Even though they are the least expensive dental fillings, they are extremely strong. The amalgam fillings easily withstand the chewing and wear and tear. Our dentists are trained in completing the addition of amalgam filling in one visit. They are also less sensitive to the moisture that other fillings. The reason why amalgam fillings are preferred on the back teeth is because they do not match the color of the teeth. They often get discolored over time.

When amalgam fillings can be used?
There are certain situations when the amalgam fillings can be used and not used. Amalgam fillings can be used:
  • For people of all ages
  • in the areas of the mouth which get maximum stress such as back teeth, moderate sized cavities
  • when there is extreme decay and destruction of the tooth enamel and structure
  • as a foundation for any metal ceramic or ceramic dental restorations
  • if the patient has poor dental hygiene
  • when moisture control is a problem
  • when cost of other procedures is high for the patient

Nowadays, people across the country are coming to consult dentist for amalgam filling in NY. Our experts are trained in various dental filling options to cater the wide needs of our patients. If you want to know more about the types of dental fillings or amalgam filling, call our dentists today at 516-616-4800.
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