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The severity of periodontal disease can be diagnosed through two methods only. Proper diagnosis depends inspecting the amount of plaque and tartar that you have. Pocket depth can be measured using dental instruments and will help with the diagnosis.

Plaque and tartar build-up creates acid in the mouth which eats the teeth, gums and creates pockets of space between the teeth. The depth is calculated through the metal probe that is inserted in the gum. While depth of 1-3 mm is normal, depth of more than 5 mm is considered a periodontal infection.

Once diagnosed, our experts create a treatment plan to slow down the disease. Our team uses computerized technology and dental x-rays to identify the bone loss. If the infection is caught in an early stage and minimal to no damage is done, one to two dental cleanings and exams will be enough to slow it down. Our experts will also give instructions on improving oral hygiene habits. It is extremely necessary that you have regular dental cleanings.

If your infection is advanced, our experts will opt for scaling and root planning. In this treatment, the tartar and plaque are removed from above and below the gums. This treatment lets the gum tissue heal and reduces the pockets created by the infection. After the treatment, we will provide you with antibiotics and mouthwash to expedite the healing and control the infection.

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