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Replace Your Missing Teeth With Zirconia Tooth Crowns

Improving Existing Teeth

Many patients opt to receive a dental cap or crown to cover their broken tooth for a variety of reasons, including ease of chewing and speaking or just to enhance their appearance. Previously gold crowns were the only option. Now, there are many non-metal elements that are being used for crowing and one of them is Zirconia. Zirconia tooth crowns are loved by patients due to their natural and strong look.

Zirconia is a very hard ceramic which is used as a base material. Zirconia crown cementation is one of the strongest in the dentistry industry. The Zirconia crown has many advantages over traditional porcelain fused to metal crowns. Besides its high esthetic qualities, the function and longevity of the crown is excellent as well. Some of the reasons why Zirconia crown cementation is becoming one of the most preferred materials for dental crowns are-

  • Extremely strong
  • Translucent just like natural teeth
  • Customizable – shape, color and size
  • Less tooth removal
  • Can withstand wear and tear
  • Biocompatible


In a best-case scenario, a full Zirconia crown can be installed in two dentist visits in one week’s time. The inconvenience and after-effects will be minimal.

Placing A Zirconia Crown – Step-By-Step

During the first appointment, the decay or the old filling from the damaged tooth is removed and a new filling is placed. Then we take impressions of your teeth which are sent to the technician. The technician uses the impressions to model the custom shape required for the crown. Until the time the permanent crown is fabricated, a temporary crown is placed. In the second appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the final zirconia crown is cemented in place.

Zirconia Tooth Crowns New Hyde Park

Alternatives To A Zirconia Crown

Porcelain Fused To Metal

Simply put, a Zirconia crown is esthetically superior to any other type of crown. You just can’t get the same finish and natural translucency, imitating the natural beauty of teeth with a traditional metal base crown. However, the latter is an established and well-known solution. This is probably why it is still commonly used. Please call us with any additional question(s) we will be happy to discuss all of your options with you.