Dear patients and community of North Island Dental Arts,

These past few months have been rough for all of us. We anticipate that you are all well rested and healthy. As dental professionals we must go on and continue to monitor the oral health and well being of our patients. Although COVID-19 still persists upon us, our practice is now open to all dental procedures. We will continue to supervise and educate ourselves on COVID-19 strictly on a daily basis.

To ensure your safety, we have implemented universal precautions as outlined by CDC (centers for disease control and prevention) and OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) standards of infection control. Should the status of our office change, we will let you know. We look forward to seeing you for your scheduled appointment. In the mist of this entire pandemic you may have missed your dental appointment(s). Please call us to follow up on your treatment and routine checkups. If you have any questions or concerns on how we are handling ourselves, please do not hesitate to speak to someone from our team.

We look forward to see you,
-Team at North Island Dental Arts