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Top Five Teeth Whitening Myths Busted

Teeth whitening in NYC is a common procedure in the cosmetic industry. The procedure lightens and brightens the shade of the teeth. The procedure is so widespread that every year hundreds and thousands of people spend about $10 million dollars on it.

Nonetheless, people all over the world have various myths about the non-invasive dental procedure. They believe the procedure will hurt their teeth, making them weak or would lead to ulcers or allergies. This is not the case.

Myths about teeth whitening in NYC

All whitening gels are all same

A dentist can choose between 2 different types of gels that are used professionally -- Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. While both create the same active ingredient, Carbamide Peroxide is slower than Hydrogen Peroxide. We recommend it to be used with an accelerator only. The Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel is faster but is an unstable chemical which reacts immediately. Its unpredictable nature of the chemical makes it very expensive.

The whitening gels are not safe

Whitening gels are very safe. They only cause teeth sensitivity and gum irritation if not done by an experienced dentist. Some cosmetic procedures cause pain, teeth whitening, on the other hand, is painless, non-invasive and totally safe. The over-counter whitening kits might cause a bit of discomfort, but the whitening procedure done by dentists is extremely safe and easy to do.

It ruins tooth enamel

Not true! Whitening gels or teeth whitening procedure does not affect tooth enamel. The whitening gel makes the active ingredient lose its Oxygen molecule. The molecule directly goes to the stain and lift or removes it. The active ingredient is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen which are safe elements and are presents in our everyday environment. The bleaching agent if swallowed accidentally in small amount is not harmful.

Dental insurance will pay for the procedure

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure. It is not covered under most dental plans. However, you can work out a payment plan with your dentists.

Over-the-counter whitening kit are the same as dentists

Dentists throughout New York believe that to correctly whiten the teeth, the whitening gel must cover the teeth equally. This offers maximum effect on the teeth and evenly whitens the teeth. It is difficult for the over-counter products to do the same. Everyone has a unique set of teeth. Over-the-counter products have set molds that do not fit all kinds of teeth and offer uneven whitening. To have the maximum effect of your whitening gel, use the custom-made molds created by dentists. These molds are made specifically for your teeth and hold the whitening gel evenly on the teeth. Also, the whitening gel given by dentist is a lot stronger than over-the-counter products.

At North Island Dental Arts, we have experienced dentists and state-of-the-art dental care facility to aid our patients. We offer information about all dental procedure to help our patients make an informed choice with affordable rates. Make sure you contact us or book an appointment before going ahead with the over-counter products.

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