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Do you know the options for your single tooth replacement?

Do you know that the average American adult is missing 7 teeth? This means that even if four of these teeth are wisdom teeth, they are still missing three additional teeth. With current health technology, there are numerous single tooth replacement options to get you your teeth back. While people might consider a missing tooth a cosmetic problem, it is really more of a health issue.

The loss of a single tooth wreaks havoc on the oral health of an individual. Along with being an oral health risk, a missing tooth is also an aesthetic problem. While missing tooth does not cause much pain, the problems with eating, speech, and jaw increase over time. As each tooth supports the teeth next to them, one missing tooth affects the whole structure of the mouth. However, there are numerous single tooth replacement options that can help you improve your oral health.

Your single tooth replacement options

If you have a missing single tooth, it is better if you take care of it immediately before it creates further issues.

  1. Do nothing

While there is nothing wrong with going “gappy,” the missing tooth will give you problems in the future. Your teeth depend on each other to form the structure of your jaw and bite. When you are missing one or many teeth, the gap in the structure makes the neighboring teeth unstable. This unstableness creates problems with speech and eating. Nonetheless, there are numerous single tooth replacement options that can make your remaining teeth strong. However, if you still choose to do nothing, you might feel the effects of a missing tooth making your life difficult.

2. Dental implants

One of the most loved and preferred methods when it comes to single tooth replacement options are dental implants. Dental implants work perfectly when both the tooth and the root are affected. Your dentist will use an all ceramic or zirconia crown to replace the missing tooth. The piece is a one-piece implant. This procedure requires four visits to the dentist. In the first visit, the dentist will insert a titanium screw in the jaw. The screw will attach itself to the bone creating a strong foundation for the implant. Once the screw is set, the dentist will attach the customized crown to the screw. The best part about this single tooth replacement option is that it matches the natural teeth and no one can tell the difference. This option provides you with a perfectly replaced tooth.

If you have a missing tooth, don’t wait till the rest of your smile is affected too. Get your tooth replaced immediately. Consult North Island Dental Arts to learn about your treatment options.

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