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Some Important Steps To Perform An Oral Cancer Screening

Oral problems are very common these days, as per the data published by the American Cancer Society the Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and throat estimated near about 45,000 cases every year in the United States, which results in around 8,000 deaths in a year.

Researches prove that timely treatment of oral cancer is extremely important which include oral cancer screening procedures that involves diagnosis and treatment of the disease at the primary stages.

Oral Cancer Screening-

Oral cancer screening is done by an expert dentist to check the symptoms of cancer or precancerous states in your mouth. The main aim is to identify mouth cancer at an early stage because the primary stage the chance to cure the diseases is more.

Generally, dentists perform a routine dental examination of the mouth to screen oral cancer. But some dentists may practice some extra tests to assist the identify the areas having abnormal cells in the mouth.

General Examination-

A general examination of the mouth, head and neck cancer can be completed in just five minutes. It mainly includes inspection and palpation. It is necessary to educate your patients regarding signs and symptoms of head, neck and oral cancer and the certain methods to detect them at the primary stage.

These tests and examinations are required because mainly cancer starts due to oral problems. Studies show that 70 percent of the neck and head cancers originate in the mouth, whereas thirty percent of oral cancers start with the tongue, same with the lip and the floor of the mouth cancer.

Below is a short summary of the major areas required to examine the oral cancer screening procedure. These areas are-

The Eyes-

Extraocular movements should be examined in every direction to examine the involvement of cranial nerves. Any type of swelling near the periorbital area should be recorded carefully and it can be a late symptom of cancer. Seepage from the lacrimal system can be a symptom of an obstructing mass in the nose, sinus, or soft tissue of the face.

The Face-

If there is a change in the shape of the face, then it is an indication of any type of cancer. So the whole face should be examined carefully. Examine the ulceration, masses, discoloration, swelling, or asymmetry. Inspect the color pigmentation, firm areas of the skin, ulcerated, or raised, including the hair sections and the scalp.

The Neck-

The patient must be sitting at the eye level of the dentist. Then compare the both sides and check the expansion of lymph joints. Must examine the parotid groups which are lying interior surface of the ears and the submental area.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, a person above the age of 40 having a neck mass which is painless, the first examination must be oral cancer, and this is not a basic stage. As it requires a deep study of the insides of the mouth to ensure that original positions. Expanded nodes, which are painless are sometimes the outcome of an infectious process.

In case, if the results of a screening test are not abnormal, then you must require some more tests to find out if you have cancer or not. You can visit the North Island Dental Arts in New Hyde Park, that provides the best and most effective dental care for every patient.

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