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What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure?

What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure?
January 5, 2021

A root canal is a major and complex dental procedure. It is usually performed to repair a badly decayed or infected tooth. A root canal treatment involves removing the decayed pulp (soft center part of the tooth), cleaning the tooth, and then sealing up the area. Your endodontist may recommend a root canal treatment when:

  • Your tooth is severely decayed or damaged
  • You feel severe tooth pain while chewing food
  • Your teeth feel severe sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks
  • You have any unusual swelling in the gums around the infected area
  • You suffer from recurring gum problems

After a preliminary examination, the endodontist will be able to determine whether you need a root canal treatment for a decayed tooth. In some cases, the doctor may recommend tooth extraction if the tooth is beyond repair. If the tooth does not receive proper treatment, the tissues surrounding the infected tooth may develop sores, which can be very painful. Therefore, it is recommended to get the procedure done while it is still possible to restore your tooth.

What is involved in a root canal procedure?

During a root canal procedure, the inner chamber of the tooth containing pulp is deep cleaned. When the pulp gets infected, it may cause severe tooth decay. It involves the following to deep clean the tooth root:

  • First, the endodontist will evaluate your tooth condition through a comprehensive examination.
  • Your doctor will recommend a few tests, such as an X-Ray or 3D Scan, to determine the exact area of infection.
  • You will be given anesthesia to numb the pain during the root canal treatment.
  • The doctor will use specially designed instruments to remove the decayed pulp and nerves from the root canal.
  • Once the pulp and nerves are removed from the pulp chamber, the endodontist will disinfect the canals using antiseptic and antibacterial solutions.
  • Next, the doctor will use fillings to fill the canals. It will be fully sealed off to prevent any infections from recurring.
  • A permanent crown is installed to seal the top of the tooth permanently.
  • The doctor will recommend certain antibiotics and pain-relief medication to handle the post-procedure pain.

In most cases, patients usually recover from the root canal after a few days. In some cases, it may take longer than a week or two to recover.

If you feel severe pain in your teeth, it is recommended to consult with our dental experts at North Island Dental Arts (NIDA). Get a comprehensive examination to evaluate the tooth condition and determine whether you will need a root canal treatment before it is too late to save your tooth.

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