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Everything about resin-bonded bridges

Losing a tooth is normal, but the gap can make you stand out like a sore thumb when you talk or smile. Nevertheless, there are numerous procedures to help you get your smile and confidence back. One of the best and most recommended procedures is a resin-bonded bridge. This is a minimally invasive procedure, which replaces the missing tooth with composite resin cement.

What is a dental bridge?

A resin-bonded bridge is a widely recommended dental fix for a missing tooth. The bridge consists of a metal framework that is bonded with a resin composite to the adjacent teeth. The reason it is called a bridge is that it is secured using crowns on both sides. The crowns are attached to the neighboring teeth forming a bridge. The implant works just like a natural tooth and looks exactly like one.

Whether you have one missing tooth or several, this procedure works best and is relatively cheaper than other dental procedures. The procedure does little or no damage to the surrounding teeth. The success rate of resin-bonded bridges is as high as 80%.

Why do you need a dental bridge?

Replacing a missing tooth is not just about looking good. A missing tooth affects bite, chewing and makes the remaining teeth grow crookedly. The empty space puts a strain on the teeth. This makes chewing and biting difficult and painful. The long-term effect of the missing tooth is more disastrous than the short-term. It also affects your speech. If you want your smile to look amazing and don’t want to incur the above-mentioned problems, you should look into resin-bonded bridges. This procedure will get you back your oral health, amazing smile and confidence.

Resin-bonded bridge


  • Cost-effective

    A dental bridge procedure is extremely cost-effective in comparison to other dental procedures such as root canal, composite restorations or alternative orthodontics. They are also safe and non-toxic. The metal used to create the bridge and resin bond is safe and has no side effects.

  • Natural looking

    Resin-bonded bridges are secured to their neighboring teeth. Your dentist will choose a resin-bonded bridge, rather than attaching to two crowns as it is a long-term solution and more cost-effective than other procedures. The resin and tooth created are all natural looking and your dentist will able to match them to your natural tooth color.

  • Easy to repair

    One of the major benefits of resin-bonded bridges is that they are easy to manage and are easily repaired. In other dental implant procedures, if the tooth fails the process has to be completely redone. However, with a resin bridge, the prosthesis would simply be thoroughly cleaned by your dentist and rebonded with minimal inconvenience.

  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene

    Bridges not only give your teeth a much-needed break, but enhance your face and smile. With the replacement of missing teeth, food will no longer get stuck in the gaps. This means there will be a smaller chance of attracting bacteria and getting tooth decay or halitosis.

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