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Why you should get your teeth whiten from a professional?

If we ask you one thing you are unsatisfied about your oral health, the chances are it will be the color of your teeth. Majority of people around the globe want their teeth to be pearly white and often do not have them. The white teeth are usually equated with the celebrities and thus, people assume them out of their reach. At your local drugstore, there is a whole section devoted to the teeth whitening kits. The over-the-counter kits usually come in one size for all and have a variety of methods, pricing, and brands. The people generally believe the promises made and buy them.

However, in the end, they realize that it is not the case. The over-the-counter kits do not whiten your teeth as the professional dentist can, nor can they make your teeth look realistic. That is why the team at North Island Dental Arts makes sure that your whitened teeth do not look unrealistic.

  1. Removing the stains

Our lifestyle plays a huge part in our oral healthcare. What we eat and drink can stain our teeth. Even when you are diligent, certain food and drink items are sure to make your white teeth a bit yellow. A cup of joe, glass of iced tea, wine and a can of sports drink can stain your teeth. The same applies to the foods like marinara sauces, citrus fruits, potato chips and more. The food choices are fine until you have them now and then. Regularly ingested, they affect your smile. Before you opt for the professional opinion, you should make sure that you brush and floss twice a day.

  1. Improvement in self-confidence

    A beautiful smile boosts the self-confidence. The discolored teeth will not only make you self-conscious but will also affect your day to day life. Being conscious about your discolored teeth, you will smile less, avoid showing your teeth in public and would avoid social interaction as much as you can. Opting for the over the counter teeth whitening products rather than professional teeth whitening procedure wouldn’t give you the long-term whiteness you want and deserve.

  1. Look Younger

    While we cannot stop the clock, we can definitely make sure that you look younger than you are. With age, the teeth get discolored and get a yellowish tint. Whiter teeth can give you the confidence to be yourself and takes a few years off your age. As the whitening treatments available are same for all, they don't give the quality whiteness that a professional teeth whitening treatment can give you. The professional teeth whitening procedures are customized according to each and every patient. The customization, in turn, provides full benefit.

Thinking about getting your teeth professionally whitened? Want to get a consultation? looking for an expert dentist for professional teeth whitening in NY? Contact North Island Dental Arts. They are leading dental experts in the state of New York.

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